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Since our beginning in 1992, MDE has moved its experience in the demanding Spanish railway sector to the private sector and to other public administrations, making quality the compliance with the delivery time and the safety at work its main competitive advantages. The success of our management model allows us to tackle large projects of public, residential and industrial construction as well as civil works and conservation of infrastructures and facilities.

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How do you get prescribed permethrin cream? To use permethrin cream, follow these steps: Apply a thin layer of cream all over your skin from your neck down to your toes (including the soles of your feet). For treatment of babies or adults over 65 years of age, the cream should also be applied to the scalp or hairline, temples, and forehead.
Can you overuse permethrin cream? Unless your doctor recommends it, do not apply permethrin scabies medicine (Elimite) more than once. You only need to use the medicine again if you can see live mites on your skin 14 days after you have been treated. Overuse of scabies medicines can irritate the skin and may increase the risk of side effects.
What chemicals kill head lice? The answer: neurotoxins, which kill lice by attacking the central nervous system. Rid, Pronto, and A-200 contain pyrethrins, and Nix contains permethrin, all used in common garden pesticides. Ovide contains an even stronger neurotoxin, malathion.
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Can I take a hot shower with scabies? This is when the burrows become raised and intense itching occurs, especially when the person becomes warm in bed, or after exercise or a hot shower or bath. Even though the person might have no symptoms, scabies can still be spread.
How long do you leave permethrin cream on for lice? 8 to 14 hours

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Herbicide train MDE

Herbicide vehicle adaptable to any railway gauge with weed recognition technology for saving water and pesticides to weed control in railway platform.












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