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Since our beginning in 1992, MDE has moved its experience in the demanding Spanish railway sector to the private sector and to other public administrations, making quality the compliance with the delivery time and the safety at work its main competitive advantages. The success of our management model allows us to tackle large projects of public, residential and industrial construction as well as civil works and conservation of infrastructures and facilities.

Anemia relief gabapentin, anemia dual diagnosis treatment

Anemia relief gabapentin, anemia dual diagnosis treatment

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Do you give Epogen before or after dialysis? If prescribed by your doctor, your EPOGEN treatment will probably be on the same schedule as your dialysis. EPOGEN needs to be injected either into your skin or directly into your dialysis line. If you are on hemodialysis, it is recommended that you get EPOGEN through your dialysis line.
What is darbepoetin alfa injection used for? Darbepoetin alfa injection is used to treat anemia (a lower than normal number of red blood cells) in people with chronic kidney failure (condition in which the kidneys slowly and permanently stop working over a period of time).

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Herbicide train MDE

Herbicide vehicle adaptable to any railway gauge with weed recognition technology for saving water and pesticides to weed control in railway platform.












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